‒ an extraordinary tradition of heirloom horn combs‒

discover the secret to naturally restoring silkiness, shine, brilliance and overall health to your hair


The secret to lustrous silky hair lies in harvesting the unique properties of keratin in animal horn, and tailoring that to treat, restore and nourish your specific #hairgoals


Beauty & The Beast’s fifth generation heritage of comb-making has its roots in the legacy of Roman, Medieval, Viking and Alaskan traditions, where everyday objects that are now made of plastic, were made from bone and horn.  Across all these ancient cultures was a particular reverence for the skill of carving the not-so-humble horn comb.

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Embrace the unique! 

With years of experience, experiment and gentle observation, Ed can read an awful lot about our lives, our health, our stresses and our nutrition in the quality of our hair.

He then tailors a selection of combs to suit your general and specific needs or desires, and your budget and preference for design.

Beauty & The Beast Expert Ed explains some of the many benefits of his horn combs…

When you use a horn comb, the keratin in the horn helps to close the hair cuticle scales. The hair scales, once closed, are resistant to the external aggressions of sunlight, weather, extreme temperatures and humidity. Hair is less greasy, less dehydrated and shinier!
The regular use of horn combs stimulates healthy blood flow in the scalp, encouraging hair growth and relieving itchy scalps and flaking, while the enrichment of keratin improves hair’s strength and elasticity
Horn combs do not tear through knots, they loosen tangles and noticeably improve and maintain the integrity of your hair strands
The regular and gentle use of Beauty & The Beast combs will help prevent split ends, clean, condition and improve overall hair quality
Horn keratin combs are anti-static and therefore prevent frizz and flyaways, making hair smooth and easier to manage and style

there is a specific Beauty & the Beast comb for everybody’s hair needs