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Beauty & the Beast Expert

An extraordinary tradition of heirloom horn combs by Ed

Healthier Hair

Discover the secret to naturally restoring silkiness, shine, brilliance and overall health to your hair
Before After

The KERATIN of our buffalo helps to close the cuticle scales. The hair scales once closed, are resistant to external aggressions related to intense sunlight, weather, extreme temperatures and humidity. Hair is less greasy and less dehydrated with more shine.

The Secret

The secret to lustrous silky hair lies in harvesting the unique properties of keratin in animal horn, and tailoring that to treat, restore and nourish your specific hairgoals


5th Generation

Beauty & The Beast Expert’s fifth generation heritage of comb-making has its roots in the legacy of Roman, Medieval, Viking and Alaskan traditions, where everyday objects that are now made of plastic, were made from bone and horn. Across all these ancient cultures was a particular reverence for the skill of carving the not-so-humble horn comb.

Sensitively sourced

Beauty & The Beast Expert collect the horn for their combs from livestock from farms around Australia. At the very heart of Beauty & the Beast’s ethic is that horn is sensitively and sustainably sourced and collected, from organic farming practices wherever possible. No animals are killed or injured in the process of harvesting their horn.

A lengthy journey

The process of curing horn is extraordinarily lengthy and intensive, until finally horn layers are polished away revealing both a truly unique history in every comb, and a product that will uniquely target specific hair needs.