Horn Combs Procedures

All the cattle & sheep come from organic farmers throughout Australia. The farmers are making organic dairy products like cheeses & yogurts from their milk.
we never harm the beast or sheep to make a comb. We cut the horn 4 inches for the head this will allow the horn to regrow, one to three years we cut to make the comb with horn wire.

  • At 5-6 years we make Viking mugs.
  • At 8 years we make bowls & plates.
  • At 11 years we make key rings, spoons, hair pins & hand carved decorative horn lamps.

Females have a menstrual cycle that changes 4 times in a month so does your hair. This depends on …

  • How old you are
  • How many children you have or not have
  • What you eat

You can be one of 8 keratin grades, you need the opposite comb. This will close the cuticle scales pulling grease from the top of your hair to the bottom of your hair making your hair softer silkier & give a more balanced shine. Higher the keratin the higher the anti-static the faster it closes the cuticle scales.