Our Story

An intriguing and ancient tale…

The Lane family have kept alive the gentle and ancient tradition of horn comb making. Ed grew up on a sheep property on the frosty pastures of the New England tablelands.  As a child, he watched and learned from his paternal great grandfather, grandfather and father, hand carving, shaping and decorating his first combs and other horn items.

The curing tradition that Ed inherited, is designed to ensure a keratin comb lasts much more than a lifetime.  The quality of the keratin combined with the unique artistry in design means that Beauty and the Beast Expert combs are heirlooms to hand down through generations.

In addition to keeping an age old tradition alive, Ed takes deep pride in knowing that no animals are harmed or distressed in the sourcing and manufacture of the horn for his combs.

with such an emphasis on natural not chemical solutions to solving hair problems and nourishing healthy hair, it goes without saying that Ed operates his business using sustainable, organic practises wherever possible. Retail packing is upcycled or recycled wherever possible (you’ll even find a gloriously decadent and re-purposed snooker table cover being used as comb pouches )

Beauty and the Beast Expert is now based in Gordonvale in far north Queensland with a display workshop and retail outlet in Kuranda, where Ed can make specific recommendations about comb choices designed to suit your unique needs. Contact Ed here.