Sheep Horn

Most suited to cultures with lower protein consumption, with white sheep horn being rich in lanolin, offering more restorative properties while black sheep target achieving greater silkiness in the minimum of time-the ‘ten second’ comb.

Ox Buffalo Horn

The “creme de la creme” of horn combs, achieving super soft, extremely shiny, silky hair with maximum hair growth and reparation

Highland Cattle Horn

The “velvet” comb, which softens hair, pulls grease from higher on the head, makes hair feel thicker and keeps colour brilliant.


The “silken” suited more specifically to male hair, with a medium to high boost in growth rate.

Dairy Horn

Suitable for children’s hair (children have a much higher percentage of keratin in their hair than adults), and effective in pulling grease from upper hair, achieving amazing shine and softness.

Water Buffalo

Achieves semi soft, semi shiny and semi silky hair with a low to moderate boosted growth rate.